60 Seconds Atomic Adventure Survival Game Online

Have you ever been scared to death and terribly stressed?  There is no bigger stress that you experience, when you are attacked by terrorists. We hope, you have never faced such a terrible problem, but would you be able to save your life, if you get into a trouble? You don’t have to be hurt in real life, because you can test yourself in a virtual world. Well, it is not quite the same, but you will get the necessary emotions without leaving your house and risking your life. Isn’t it brilliant? With 60 seconds you will learn to cherish human life and learn to act in stressful situations.


The art of life saving

You are a person, who stands near a nuclear bomb that is about to destroy everything and everyone you love. You have a family, and you definitely want to save their lives. But would you be able to do this within sixty seconds? This is exactly the amount of time you can rely on, because the countdown has already begun, and you can’t stop it. You need to find out, where the nearest shelter is, and transport people around you to it. But you need to remember that you have to control every second, and there is always a chance that you won’t be able to transport every member of your family. And there are things that are necessary for your survival, and you might need to take them with you as well. The more you can transfer – the better your result is. Well, as you can see, the game is extremely short, and it will take only minute to play, but this is very challenging game, and you will learn to make quick choices.

Collect everything and gather everyone!

You will need to collect all necessary supplies, because you might need them while saving your family. If you transfer your dearest ones to the shelter, the challenges don’t end at this point. Everyone needs food to survive, and you need to make sure there are enough tasteful supplies. Though the game lasts only one minute, there are dozens of options for you to choose, because you can’t make the perfect decisions at once. You will make plenty of mistakes, but eventually you will become iconic in life saving. Everything is simple and quite clear, but the idea of making uncomfortable choices is provocative. Moreover, there will be other details and enemies that will change the story, while you are playing. So, you should be ready to the changes, no matter what they are!

The power of choice

Move very quickly along the location, and grab the necessary supplies. Your goal is survival in your shelter, but the amount of available of food is limited, so you have to come back to the outer world and collect new items that you may consume. And again you have this strong limit in time. Whenever you manage to control everything, and gather the necessary supplies and all members of your family, you will face new difficulties. There will be plenty of other events, connected with the choice you make, so you can be lucky to find some kind of a treasure, or lose progress because of badly thought actions. How long would you be able to stay alive? Does the result depend only on you, or someone else decides whether you live or die? You will find answers within 60 seconds, but you will definitely want to spend more time in this game.