60 Seconds 2

The characters of this game live in the 50s. You can say they are lucky but what if one day their life has turned into a nightmare? You might have heard about the nuclear apocalypse and the way it destroys all around. The authors of this game decided to make you face the full weight of the catastrophe. You’ll be immersed into the moody atmosphere of the game from the first second. Besides, why the game is called 60 seconds 2 new part? Because you’ve got only a minute to take your relatives, some stuff and hide in the bunker. And then begins the real fun.  A shelter is a place where you’ll have to stay as long as you can. Will it be difficult? Of course, so stay cold-blooded and preserve your sanity.  You won’t have much choice of food and drinks: your diet will consist of tomato soup and water. What’s more, when the characters eat and drink all the supplies, they’ll have to starve and die of thirst for a day or two. A healthy organism can bear these inconveniences but will it stand them after spending a month in a dirty shelter? No surprise, if somebody goes crazy. Until it happens, let the people listen to the radio or play cards, in one word, keep them busy!

A special daybook will help the family to be aware of the current news. Sometimes you’ll get information about your friends and neighbors who managed to survive or about the military forces who promise to come soon. Reading the daybook, you’ll find out about the health condition of the people in the bunker. If Ted feels bad, feed him or give him some water. You’ll be also offered to make various expeditions to the city. You are allowed to take something with you: a rifle, chess, cards or anything that may come in handy. Will you return to the shelter? Nobody knows. But if you do, you can bring some useful stuff and save your family. It’s also possible to get infected with a horrible virus. So will you dare to set off or prefer to wait for better times?

60 seconds is an unpredictable game. You can play it as long as the characters stay alive. That’s why your task is to think wisely and try to make the right choice when getting different propositions. There’s no action here, however, the game doesn’t lose from it. 60 seconds isn’t devoid of humor, especially black. In effect, tears won’t help if you’re doomed to sit in the bunker forever. Keep struggling for life notwithstanding all the nonsense because you’d like to see how this all ends, wouldn’t you? Good luck!