60 seconds 3

Have you ever thought that the end of the world is real? In this game you’ll get a chance to check how prepared you are to this awful event. You can choose a mode but start with a light one, not to do yourself a disservice. You won’t have much time to pack useful things. Grab all you can and don’t forget to take your relatives first! The characters will hide in a basement and try to survive. Save food and water because nobody knows how long the radiation will stay in the city. You’ll be offered to go outside and see if someone’s left alive or find some supplies. Though it can be very dangerous, you never know till you try. What if you’ll be lucky and come back with a prey? You can also take a rifle with you but what if a monster attacks your family during your absence? You can predict it, so risk!

During the game you’ll be getting information about the state of health of all the relatives. Although they will look bad, don’t hasten to give them away all cans with soup. They’ll complain about the stuffy air but don’t give in to these provocations otherwise, you’ll lose soon. Stay cool and think positive. In case if the characters get bored, they can play chess or listen to the radio. 60 seconds is a game where you don’t have to run or overcome obstacles. You have to plan a survival strategy and change it if necessary. Save the whole family and wait till the moment of returning home comes! What will you see at the end? How will the city look like after apocalypse? Are you patient enough to do the same things every day? The game gives a wonderful opportunity to find all this out!