60 seconds All Endings

How long can you stay alive, if you happen to see the atomic bomb explosion? If there is no shelter by your side, you will probably die, so you need to learn to orient in this crazy situation. But if you are told that this survival can be funny, though in the black humor style? 60 seconds is a new popular game, where you can try to save not only your life, but your relatives as well. The action takes place in USA, in the time, when the nuclear attack was quite possible. Things have changed since this time, but the main idea remains unchanged – atomic apocalypse can happen any minute, so you have to be ready in all endings.

You need to take your character’s family to the shelter, but you can’t survive, if you don’t have necessary supplies with you. You need to find out what things to take with you, but you have only one minute to get everything ready and get into the shelter. Remember that your life in it depends only on the resources you took with you. There are a lot of things you might never need, so you should be very careful on this stage. There will be hints for you on the radio, so don’t miss the proper message! Your supplies dictate you how long you will be able to survive, and you need to know that not everyone will stay alive. You don’t know how many days your life in shelter will last, but you can always get a new try, in new location and with new supplies, house and relatives. Will you be able to get back to the outer world? What terrible monsters are waiting for you in this dangerous shelter? Load the game, and find everything out.