60 Seconds Atomic Adventure

Atomic apocalypse is one of the most terrible things we are afraid of. There are no good pieces of advice on how you should act in such situation, because the majority of people would die. But there are shelters, where you can hide and lead more or less peaceful life. The only thing is that you can hardly know beforehand about the atomic attack, and you need to know how to act in such situation. Government tutorials are rather dull, and you don’t seem to like them, do you? There is a nice solution for you, where you can test your ability to act in stressful circumstances and feel the adrenalin rush. There are 60 seconds for you, and the fun starts the very moment you load the game.

Your character is called Ted, and he is a usual man, with his weaknesses and strong sides. He leads a normal life that is suddenly interrupted by an atomic bomb. It will explode within one minute, and he has to take everything under control. There is a very little amount of time, and your character has to find all members of his family, and take them to the shelter. Of course, he can’t simply take all of them, so you have to decide, who should live, and who can die. But the main goal of the game is not only in collecting your relatives. You have to stay alive in shelter for as long as possible, so you need to think not only about Ted’s family, but about food and other resources as well.

No matter, whether you managed to survive in a shelter, or you couldn’t get back in time, you can start a new game. Everything will be different time, so don’t think that you will be able to perform better now, when you already know the location. New items and new people, new shelter – everything works against new, and every new trial will be different. Will you be able to perform your best skills and traits of character to save the world? You will never know until you try.