60 Seconds to Survive

At first, the rhythm of the game will make you think really quickly. The nuclear apocalypse has suddenly come to your city and in a minute it’ll be on your doorstep. Being the strongest member of the family, you have to grab everyone and everything and throw them to the basement. When 60 seconds finish, you’ll see moody walls of the bunker, where you’ll have to live for a while. Your happiness depends on how much food and important things you’ve managed to take at the last minute. Tomato soup and water will be your only food supplies, so don’t eat everything at once. You’ll be given a book with useful pieces of advice. It will also report on the family’s state of health and their wishes. From time to time you’ll be offered to make an expedition to the city. Nobody knows for sure whether it’ll be a dangerous trip or not, but don’t be afraid to try something new. Because other members of the family will sit in the basement from dawn till night, bored and tired. You can cheer them up turning on the radio or proposing them to play chess, but don’t expect them to be excited. After visiting the city a character may come back with new objects and even food. Some of the things may come in handy, and some of them you can exchange for more useful stuff. You can’t predict the flow of the game, so every day you’ll have to take important decisions and think ahead. Positive moments will bring relief and the characters will stop arguing for a while. Read the latest news in the book to be informed about people who have survived and events that take place in the ruined buildings. Sometime some of the citizens will address to you in order to meet you and provide help. Will you dare to come out? What if they are infected with a deadly virus?  On the other hand, you’ve got nothing to lose when you’re run out of food. Being starved to death doesn’t sound good too.

60 seconds is a game where you’ll have to risk a lot. Lives of your family members are on the line. Will you be able to hold on until the danger passes over and not to get mad? Let’s see whether you’ve got a good self-possession and psychical equilibrium!