The probable nuclear bomb catastrophe is a sword of Damocles, hanging over anxious Americans. As we know, in the times of Cold War this issue was discussed and thoroughly drilled in schools. Poor children taught the pivotal rules of survival in such tragic circumstances. However, the threat of a nuclear bomb explosion is urgent for every country even nowadays. The computer game 60 Seconds! is dedicated to this theme and represents a possible situation of artificial apocalypse and shows how to act.

The plotline is quite prosaic: you are a member of an ordinary American family, facing the challenge of a nuclear bomb explosion. What should be done in such a situation? How to survive? Well, that is the basic aim of the game – to outlive.

The player, as the most prudent member of the family, has to collect all the necessary things and transport his parents to a safe location. As for the stuff you might need, do not forget about water and food supplies, medicine, warm clothes, etc. Collect only the most necessary things, as time is limited. Having prepared everything vital for surviving, transport you dear people to a shelter. Further, when you are safe and your family is calm and satisfied, go to find the other shelter, more secure one, within 60 seconds. This is a difficult mission, though possible.

While you will be searching the other nook, your family will have to be alone for some time. They also face several challenges, which are randomly developed for different games. For example, the possible sequence of events could be following: being alone and isolated, members of your family will become crazy and do stupid things; somebody will visit your family, pretending to be neighbors, though, in fact they will look for food or water; somebody may be hurt or thick, eventually will die, etc. The variants of the story are innumerable; unfortunately, most of them do not have happy endings.

The game comprises varied modes and levels. Moving further, the main character will face more and more unpredictable events and challenges, though the main difficulty is to survive by means of fewer supplies.