Nuclear Apocalypse

Do you like black humor? This is a nice way to enjoy life, when everything touches upon death and injuries. The new survival game 60 seconds touches upon the atomic apocalypse, and your character Ted has to take his life under control. He has to get to the shelter, and save his family. The sirens are producing loud sounds, and you know that you have only one minute at your disposal, otherwise you will die. You need to transport your family to the shelter, and don’t forget about crucial resources. You need something to eat in the shelter, but the amount of food will hardly ever be enough. You need to think quickly, but thoroughly, because you need to transport many useful things at a very limited time, so listen to the commands from the radio.

You every choice will lead to a different scenario in the shelter. There is no strict ending in the game, because everything depends only on you, and the items you managed to take with you. By the way, don’t forget to get into the shelter in time, otherwise the doors will be closed, and you won’t be able to get in. Every day, spent in the shelter, will affect those, who are in it. Your relatives can get mad, or they may starve to death, or even become mutants. Which of these scenarios are waiting for you? The most interesting thing is that after you finish one episode, the next will take place in different location, and you will need to adjust to it again and again. The game is full of creepy black humor, but you will definitely like it.